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NS Liberal Party @NSLiberal@JamieBaillie has a platform filled with unanswered questions. Why is he hiding his list of $480M budget cuts? He'll #SayAnything to win.25 mins ago 0 0
NS Liberal Party @NSLiberalThere is not one penny in Baillie's plan to support accessibility in #NovaScotia. #nspoli
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NS Liberal Party @NSLiberalRT @MarniTuttle: Great news for Waverley, Windsor Junction, Fall River, Lakeview and surrounding areas. @Bill_Horne @SteveStreatch @NSLiber2 hours ago 2 0


Nova Scotia Liberal Party

Nova Scotia Liberal Party

Jamie Baillie doesn't plan to help those who need it most. His plan doesn't invest in affordable housing and it doesn't invest to support the Accessibility Act. Baillie needs to be straight with Nova Scotians: what are you going to cut?

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